Road Test Requirements

Adults (Age 18+)

Please bring:

Temporary Instruction Permit
1 Forms ID
Auto Insurance and Registration


Please bring:

Learner Level 1 Permit
Segment 2 Certificate
Driving Log
Picture ID or Birth Certificate
Auto Insurance & Registration

Your vehicle must have the following equipment in proper working condition

External Vehicle

Springs and Stocks
Head Lights (Low Beam)
Tail & Brake Lights
Front & Rear Turn Signals
Wipers & Washers


Internal Vehicle

Safety Belts
Windows & Windshield
Mirrors (Rear View & Outside Left)
Pass a Brake Check


All persons under 18 years old MUST be accompanied by a licensed driver to take the road test. The only person(s) allowed to ride in the car with the person being tested are the instructor and one licensed adult (Age 21 or older).

*These restrictions are required by the State of Michigan