Our mission at Citizens Driving Provider is to provide the best driver training and education by offering affordable and quality training by certified, experienced and professional trainers. We strive to offer these services to our prospective customers at convenient places and times and in accordance with the standards set by the State of Michigan.


Welcome to DND Enterprises INC – Citizens Driving Provider.

We are excited to administer your auto road test, or provide your teenager a quality driving education course, or as an adult wanting to take lessons to learn or improve your driving skills prior to taking your road test. Whatever your reason is, all our certified instructors can help you reach your goal which will leave you with confidence, knowledge, and skills it takes to be a responsible driver.

You no longer need to worry about spending too much money, scrambling for time, or finding a location for your road test because we do it all. Our prices are affordable. In addition, we offer road tests seven days a week at a variety of times for you to choose from. If you have NO CAR, NO WORRIES we offer a car rental service, so nothing will delay you from taking your auto road test. We have and continue to serve Inkster, Garden City, Westland, Livonia, Romulus, Belleville, Ypsilanti and the greater Wayne and Washtenaw counties.

Our services are 7 days a week so call us now or complete the Contact Us Form, or to learn more visit the services page. Book an appointment today, or Give us a call at 734.776.8906.



D-N-D Enterprises Inc. also known as Citizens Driving Provider was founded in 1998 by George C Thompson Jr.. Mr. Thompson started this family business and took much pride in serving not only the Inkster area but all the surrounding Wayne and Washtenaw communities. He later brought in his two daughters and son-in-law. All staff working for this organization strive to ensure the longevity of this company by achieving customer satisfaction and paying attention to detail and service-minded attitudes.  This company believes in respecting people and taking pride in teaching and giving individuals the knowledge and tools to become a better driver. Yes we charge for services but each of our instructors will take an extra step and their own time to help you achieve your goal. We pride ourselves in being able to provide our services at schedules and times that are convenient for our customers. 

Our time is your time–as we drive to be the best!